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Burnt Toast

Ramblings from the depths of insanity

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NEW! Please see my nature photography on my new SmugMug account!


I am:
A molecular biology scientist in postdoctoral training at the Mayo Clinic. My major project consists of determining how cells are resistant to a new anticancer drug currently in human trials. I obtained my PhD last year by studying protein phosphorylation. This summer I plan on becoming a fellow and training to My boyfriend is about to finish his MD/PhD training at Mayo and plans to continue with residency training in radiology. We live together with a two-year old parrotlet named Kiwi. Cute bugger!

I lived in Phoenix, Arizona most of my life until moving up to MN for grad school. I've been through 120 degree summers and -40 winters so far. I'm not sure which one is worse.

Friending policy:
I don't really have one. Feel free to friend me if you want and I'll be more than glad to friend you back. More friends = more POVs = expanding your horizons = good! For the record, almost all of my entries, save the really personal ones, are public anyway. ;)

Things I like to do:
Cooking. Anything and everything. I read cookbooks for fun. I think a multi-day recipe is something to look forward to. I often think about fleeing science and opening a bakery instead. I enjoy baking bread, making homemade ice cream, and making food look pretty on the plate.

Anime. I've watched 200+ anime series and counting. I'll watch just about anything except the harem styles ones (Tenchi), the overly-cute and vapid ones (Bottle Fairy), and the ones that are over 52 eps long. I have a fondness for anything by Ghibli and I especially like serious, modern anime like BoogiePop Phantom, Lain, and Paranoia Agent. Always looking for more anime to watch.

Photography. I'm currently shooting with a Canon 20D and the bf is using a Canon 1D Mark III. Our current collection of lenses includes the 10-22 mm f/4, 17-40 mm f/4, 70-200 mm f/4, 24-105 mm f/4 IS, 300 mm f/4 IS, and (to be purchased within the next couple of months) the 500 mm f/4 IS. We use Think Tank gear to haul around all of it.

Fandoms I'm currently digging:

-BSG: The best sci-fi show on the air right now, period. Great writing, great directing (okay, forget about the shaky camera bit), great special effects, but most importantly, great characters. I love Adama. I love the pres. I love Starbuck. Writers looking for tips on how to write strong, complex women need look no farther. I have a complete and total fascination with the Adama/Roslin ship. No spoilers please!

-Stargate Atlantis: Sadly, I'm not really watching this show anymore. It was my first online fandom (sniff!) but I've really lost interest. TPTB aim for mediocrity, which would actually be okay with me if I found the show otherwise entertaining. I don't anymore. I do keep up with spoilers and whatnot though!

-30 Rock: The best comedy on TV right now, period. I have such a girl-crush on Tina Fey and Baldwin's dry insults make the show.

-Heroes: I loved the first season, but unfortunately the second season suffered because of the writer's strike. Hiro is my favorite, followed closely by Clair and HRG.

-Good Eats: So there's this show called "Good Eats" on the Food Network. And it's hosted by the extremely geeky yet stupidly adorable Alton Brown, who flawlessly combines science and cooking, two of my most favorite things. His recipes are simple yet taste fabulous (try his fried chicken, you'll never go back). And he's adorable. I own two of his cookbooks and read them often. You should too.

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