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-We close on our house next Friday. Everything is going according to plan. No surprises at the last second, hopefully! I'm so excited, and I can't wait to move in and make it our own! I'm already thinking about the vegetable garden I'd like to plant next year.

-Bought a wall oven and cooktop for the planned new kitchen yesterday on ebay. Good deals.

-Out of the $10,000 we had to put down to get out of the condo, we'll be getting back $1700. Oh well, at least it's something. I heard that the condo's AC has been broken all summer and only recently got fixed. Must have sucked to live there. Awfully nice to be free of that place.

-I've been growing tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers in pots at the town home. The yield so far is two cherry tomatoes and four cucumbers. A deer ate a good chunk of the tomato plants last month, so I'm surprised that they're producing at all. The bird feeder that I put up has lots of activity. We routinely have two baby cardinals that hang out there.

-Wedding plans are crawling along. Right now we're thinking about either a small wedding in Yellowstone/Tetons with a later reception at the Walker Art Institute in Minneapolis or having the whole thing at the Walker or elsewhere in MN. The fiance is set on having Wolfgang Puck's restaurant cater, but we'll see how that prices out. Current date is spring to early summer next year.

-My clinical fellowship is going smoothly. I should have a paper accepted next week with 2-3 more in the pipeline for submission. Over the next year I'm going to be the acting director of a lab with 100 people that runs 1 million tests a year. Yikes!
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Hi! Wow, it's been a while since I updated. Here's the scoop:

-We sold our condo! Okay, it's not really official until this Friday when we close. But yay! The asking price was fair and the inspection went well. We ended up selling the place no more than a week after we listed it with the agent. Lucky!

-WE BOUGHT A HOUSE! Funny how the timing worked out so well. A couple of weeks after we had sold the condo we found a great house that had just come on the market. An older couple had been living there and apparently they're very picky. This is great for us, as they were very picky when the house was build and accordingly the craftsmanship is fantastic. The basement is finished (and has a wet bar, what the heck am I going to do with a wet bar??), the deck is complete, and the yard is a good size just begging for a garden in the back. We're planning on closing in August.

-For the transition, we're renting a townhouse. And we're currently living there until we've finalized on the house. It's a nice little two-story with a patio in the back. I've installed a bird feeder and purchased a bunch of plants for pots out front (tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers). We signed a 6 month lease, which is a little bit over than when we'd officially own the house. That's okay though, since we're planning on renovating the kitchen and we can stay in the townhouse while that mess is taking place.

-Wedding plans. We've decided to have the wedding next year. We'd both like an outdoor wedding, so it would be likely May or later as April is still a bit cool here. Location has yet to be determined, anywhere from a nice spot in Minneapolis to Yellowstone (!). To be updated.

-Work. Busy as always. I went to a scientific conference last week to present data and I'll be going to another one in the middle of July to present another project. I'm also planning on taking the first part of my accreditation boards, crazy. The fiance will be done with internship hell on June 26 and is planning on getting good and drunk. He'll be starting research for the next two years, so it's back to jeans and sneakers for him!
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We've been listing our condo for a while on Craigslist with only a few nibbles, so last Monday we started working with a realtor (I know, yikes) to list our place officially. So far we've had several people come through, and today the realtor calls to inform us that we've gotten an offer! No idea on price or whether we're being lowballed (hopefully not), so fingers crossed! We'll find out tonight.

Of course, we have to list our place now because this time is the best time to sell to residents, students, and fellows that will be starting at Mayo at the end of June. But...we still don't have a house to move into yet. One resident has offered to let us rent his house for 6 months starting in July, so we may take him up on that but we'd still have to move twice in the end. And if the buyer of our place wants us out in June we'll be scrapping for a month or so. I make a mean cardboard house. ^_^

In the meantime, I'm still looking for new homes that are being listed. The fiance is more interested in drawing out some plans and having a company build for us. The current plans are lovely, but I'm really concerned that he's drawing out something that's going to be prohibitively expensive. Guess we'll have to see.

I'm sure everything will work out in the end, but I keep getting this nagging feeling that we haven't thought our cunning plan through all the way...
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Hee. I gave Kiwi a whole small strawberry on the bottom of his cage. He loves strawberries. He delicately picked off all of the little seeds on the outside before starting on the fruit. Now his beak is stained red and the floor of the cage looks like a bloody mess. What a riot!
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Owl nest

Last weekend we went up to the cities for a little R&R. We took the camera gear and went over to Black Dog to see if any eagles were left from the winter. We weren't disappointed! One eagle pair was building a nest right by the side of the road! As we watched (but didn't get any good photos, unfortunately) another photographer pulled up and told us about an owl nest further down. Sure enough, we drove down and saw this:

A great horned owl comfortably tucked into a nest! I've never seen an owl nest before. How cool! The owl didn't pay us much mind either. I wonder how long it takes for owl eggs to hatch? We should try to come back to catch a peek at the fledglings.
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So I jinxed the house. :(

We went back a third time to check it out, this time with parents-in-law in tow. Inside still great. Outside...wait wtf is that?!

The snow had melted so we discovered that the owners had put in a cute little tile patio right around the back of the house. Except the tile and all the ground around the house had sunk about half a foot below the house line. Why? The backyard was graded too high, which meant that the yard was higher than the house. Every time it rained the water would run down the backyard toward the house, sinking the ground, and getting into the foundation and cracking the concrete basement floor.

So yeah, serious damage to the house that would require several tens of thousands of dollars to repair. We don't want to touch the house now. Back to the search, sigh.

And the shittiest thing of all is that the realtor admitted that she knew about it when we asked her and that the owner was going to have it repaired blah blah blah. SHE KNEW ABOUT IT AND DIDN'T TELL US. Wow, seriously? Lying by omission? Do we have the worst luck with realtors or what?

Oh well, screw it. BSG SERIES FINALE tomorrow, and I'm going to watch the hell out of it with a happy heart.
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OMG you guys.

I don't want to jinx it, but I think we've found a HOUSE! Yes, after over a year of searching and after having one deal fall through at the last minute and after seeing, I don't know, 100 or so homes we've found something we both like!

It's a decent price, it's in a reasonable neighborhood, it has a great floorplan, it's a walkout and has a nice not too big/not too small yard, it has a screened, covered deck. The kitchen is great - granite countertops, nice cabinets, cherry wood floor. The owner is a drywaller and finished the home himself, and he did a great job with recessed niches and arches and everything. And (esp. for my man) it has an underground garage with separate driveway (it's on a corner lot). WOW.

The landscaping is kinda nonexistent, but that's pretty easy to fix with some trees and bushes and whatnot. Wow, to think that I might be able to go out and buy flower bulbs and plants and seeds for a garden!

I think we might be making an offer within the week, and we may be buying the place before we sell the condo. Downpayment will probably come out of the bank account, good thing I've been saving up! Ack!

Keep fingers crossed, please! :) :)
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wtf, GW?

Blech, GW has been fucking things up since the shiny new Vision Statement was announced.

There will be no new "anti" threads or "complaints only" threads for SGU. Open discussion threads only. The mods want to emphasize happy comments over angry/disappointed comments, though I can't tell you the number of times I've seen SGU fanboys openly insult those who dare to think the show could suck with no mod consequences (and I've grown tired of using the "report post" feature, especially since I've felt let down by the mods of late).

There will not be any more anti-ship threads like anti-McKay/Keller. No, instead there's going to be a anti-all McKay ships thread (for all your anti-McKay/Keller, anti-McKay/Katie, anti-McKay/Weir (shut your mouth! ^_^) needs) and an anti-all Keller ships thread (Keller with McKay, Ronon, etc). So if you're anti McKeller you have to watch both threads instead of just one. And if you don't like McKeller you'll have to share space with those who don't like Keller/Ronon (oh gee, NO potential for conflict there! Imagine if/when the Shep/Weir and Shep/Teyla shippers butt heads in the anti-all Shep ship thread!)

Anti threads get merged or closed. Pro threads don't go anywhere. Anti threads are apparently bad because they create a closed environment that fosters fanaticism, anger, and isolationism. But pro threads are apparently peachy keen, even though they are often just as closed off and fanatic. Yeah.

Anti-McKeller posters are understandably upset, but the response from the mods has been either aloof or arrogant. The only people that are happy with the change are those who like McKeller, several of whom have the gall to get on their high horses and lecture others. Gee, who'da thought? I swear, the whole reason the mods are fucking up the character/relationship subforum is just because certain posters and/or PTB complained about the anti-McKeller-ness of GW. And the whole reason they're clamping down on SGU is because TPTB complained that their shiny new show isn't as beloved as they'd like.

tl;dr - GW is screwed because the mods are wasting all this time and isolating fans by revamping the forum instead of BANNING PEOPLE WHO BEHAVE LIKE CRAP.

A weird aside, TPTB have started filming SGU, they had a whole-cast dinner the other night, and yet they've released all the male actor names and none of the female ones? That's...really odd. Suspicious even.